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Yoga Skin – бьюти-тренд, завоевывающий Instagram


Мир красоты постоянно меняется. Но в отличие от выбеленных бровей, ногтей в форме сердца и апельсинового контурирования, последняя бьюти-фишка действительно стоит того, чтобы ее попробовать. Теперь пользовательницы сети по всему миру создают эффект Yoga Skin — здоровой,

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Время пополнить косметичку. Как подготовить кожу к празднику?


© / KOBRIN PHOTO / Shutterstock.com Рассказывает кандидат фармацевтических наук, основатель и автор косметических рецептур известного косметического бренда Дмитрий Стофорандов: —  Семь дней — не так уж и мало для заметного преображения кожи. Главное —

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Битва за красоту. Какие витамины продлевают молодость организма?


Shutterstock.com Витаминами красоты называют те варианты микроэлементов, которые позволяют сохранять молодость и тонус кожи, обеспечивают ее сияние, способствуют крепости ногтей и зубов, а также делают более здоровыми и блестящими волосы и крепкими — кости.

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Turtleneck will have to wait. How to rejuvenate the neck


Shutterstock.com If you ‘ ve never cared for the neck, ın addition to the «inheritance» from my grandmother or mother received this dubious «decoration», as rings of Venus, ıt ‘s time to get serious, otherwise you’ ll have until the end of his days to wear turtlenecks. How to restore the tone of the neck, tell the doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist Elena ...

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Fitness for cheeks. The exclusive complex of exercises


Jelena Karkutli. © / From the personal archive Meet ınternational coach feistiness Elena of Karkutli: — Cheeks are reduced due to the loss of muscle kütləvi, displacement of fat paket under the force of gravity, muscle tension, and other səbəblər. İn fact the loss of volume of the cheeks affects the overall change in facial proportions. Olga Sablinskaya, «Health»: — ...

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Brushes for each. Than müraciət etmək istəyirəm different types of makeup?


© / Tatyana Aksenova / Shutterstock.com makeup, artist, founder of the school of makeup Alexandra Larina: — Despite the fact that today the rules of makeup allow and even encourage applying makeup with your fingers, without a set of good brushes can not do. Nə makeup brushes should be in the beautician every girl? İki eye shadow brush The brush ...

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Molodyaschihsya old and «pioneer». 8 bad ımages of the first lady


www.globallookpress.com Donald trump won the presidency, it has become popular to criticize not only the siyasi ınitiatives of the head of state, but also the style of the second half of Melanie, although ıt is not the only first lady who sometimes makes a «fashionable» səhv. Who else but Mehriban. trump should think about the competence of your stylist, says ...

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To do or not? Top 10 questions about keratin straightening


Shutterstock.com If you dream of having perfectly smooth hair, but now fashionable keratin straightening refuse because of horror stories about the impending hair loss or dependency on keratin, especially for you hair stylist Catherine moneychanger in great detail about this düzgün proseduru çap ləğv etmək and its consequences. 1. Can the keratin straightening harm to the hair? Overall ıt ‘ ...

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Than to erase wrinkles around the eyes? The complex of exercises for feistiness


Coach feistiness Elena of Karkoli. © / From the personal archive — Early aging of the skin around the eyes due to difficult anatomy, and very tez-tez additionally triggered by improper care. The upper and lower eyelids form the circular muscle of the eye. This is a thin muscle, which covers a very thin skin. With the age muscles shrink ...

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How to choose the right hairbrush? Expert advice


© / Dmitry Allahverdiyev / Shutterstock.com Says the doctor-trichologist, founder of the Eurasian Association of trichology Olga Kohas. There are two types of combs

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